Ma Satprem Yeshe Dolma’s Interview at Tell-a-Vision TV

This week  the TV discussion about Satprem’s life and her healing work especially with women at Cable 76 in White Plains came out. It was part of the authentic show “Community Tell-a-Vision – a Forum for Holistic Change and Exchange” which is hosted by Roxanne Seitz. You can watch below the two shows.
 Satprem at Community Tell-a-Vision Part 1(28 min)
Satprem at Community Tell-a-Vision Part 2 (28 min)
.As an introduction to Ma Satprem’s Womengroup “Awaken your inner Goddess”, (July 22nd, 5:30-9:30 PM is the next one scheduled) the Healing Springs Magazine featured an article (page 15) about Ma Satprem’s life’s experiences, which brought her to help women to love themselves and live their femininity.