Healing Heart and Soul

Meditation at One Big Roof

Tara Meditation   MEDITATION

   Sunday, 12/15 9 AM – 10:15 AM
at One Big Roof, 433 Broadway, Suite 302,         Saratoga Springs, NY
Donation based
This meditation will give you insights about yourself through meditation. Satprem is an experienced Mystic with 40 years of studying and meditating with Masters in India.
Get a taste from peace of mind.
- Learn to cope with ANY struggle, from a silent center in the heart behind the hearts.
Because of the snowstorm – please call 518 210 0402 to register for attendance.



Meditation is Medication Speech Sunday, 11/24 2 PM


International meditation teacher Satprem will speak about the power of meditation to heal your life as well as to affect the world. Her talk, “Meditation is Medication”   will be inspiring, challenging and interactive.  It will give you insight about authentic meditation, which she experienced in her 40 years of learning, studying and meditating with her Masters in India. Look forward to get a taste of peace of mind- how you can cope with any struggle you face from your silent center in the heart.

Join us on Sunday November 24 at 2:00 pm at the Shenendahowa Community Center in Clifton Park NY. Find out how Meditation can help to heal yourself and bring light and love into your life and surroundings. Meditation is healing!