Who we are

Satprem and Prem Wu SiToday we live in an epoch in which humans dominantly in western world but also more often in the eastern region suffer with their body, mind and soul due to the materialistic focus everywhere. In this time, we are overfed by materialistic things, all our desires are served. There is a huge emptiness inside us. People feel that their heart, body and soul suffer and long for a balance inside themselves and for a life with more awareness. IKIERA is founded by Satprem (means “true love”) a 40 years experienced holistic healer and Prem Wu Si (means “love, no fuss”) her student and disciple. Satprem works spiritually in India, Nepal, Thailand, UK and other countries in Europe and Asia. She helped 100reds of people to find peace of mind and live a happier live. More on her work www.satpremji.com Existence brought Satprem now to the US, the country with the highest materialistic wealth and influence to other countries around the world to continue her work of love and peace of mind. Her student and disciple Prem Wu Si is with her now over 3 years, wishing from her heart to support Satprems work. She comes from the Business Background, supporting her in all Business and Marketing topics. Satprem is the heart of IKIERA, bringing her Holistic Healing Center and wisdom from India to the US after 40 years, and Wu Si the head. How the spirit works thumb_2416382478thumb_2416382480