Satprem and Prem Wu Si

cache_2416381031Satprem, born and raised in Germany had from a young age a strong intuition, visions and Psychic abilities. At 16 she began working with the I-Ging (an ancient Chinese book of wisdom) and later gave readings which she still practices.

Satprem began learning various healing techniques 25 years ago in Puna where she took several groups. She completed a 6 month Devine Healing course which included Acupressure, Acupuncture, Touch for Health, Chi Gong, Thai Chi, and the use of Herbs for Health. Afterwards she finished a Prenatal Healing course which taught her to use pressure points on the medulla, feet, hands and ears to release childhood-, womb- and past- life traumas.

Furthermore she took groups which taught her to work with, and teach others how to use, Crystals, Metals and Pendulums, and how to make Ayurvedic Crystal Waters. She took several massage courses and partly worked with Tibetan Healing.

During this time Osho wanted her to work in the Mystery School of the Ashram as a Tarot reader. She had never worked with it before and tested it with a famous Italian Tarot reader who confirmed her psychic abilities and so she gave Tarot Readings in the Mystery School

Throughout this time in the Puna Ashram she learnt how to teach different Meditation techniques and led Sufi Whirling and Primal groups.

In 1996 in Lucknow she was initiated into Feng Shui, Jing Shin, Jejitsu, Reiki I, II, Master and Teacher in 7th lineage to Dr. Usui after which she began giving Reiki sessions and initiations herself.

After 25 years she has combined all her experiences and trainings to develop her own unique healing art, working whole-istically on the Physical, Mental and Emotional level and energy bodies which touch Body, Mind and Soul.

Basically she functions as a channel for divine Energy from the macro-cosmos to lead into the micro-cosmos (patient/healee). During any work with her the patient gets in tune with the channel using a special breathing technique she teaches before. Like this the client is in Meditation and connects with the psychic, which is part of the healing process. Satprem has been learning various skills under several Eastern and Western Masters. She has been healing, teaching and practicing for over 20 years and has worked with a multitude of nationalities, different ages and professions using many healing techniques for different conditions and needs.

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Prem Wu Si was born and raised in Germany and had already from her youth on questioned the way society works. She suffered inside from observing the aggression the hate, the wars and injustice the human world around her was living.

She couldn’t understand why. Later she learned that this is part of being human.

Prem Wu Si believes that the only thing that one can change is oneself and never gave up her inner search for her inner truth of the heart and love.

She started to study and work in the business field, knowing deep inside that she is a seeker, but the time was not ready. She traveled several times to India, making a yoga teacher training to become a Shivananda Yoga teacher. In 2008 she met Satprem in Goa, India. She immediately clicked with her and made directly a meditation course. This helped her to support her inner soul to decide to drop her unhealthy job, working more closely with Satprem in being initated in Reiki I and II, becoming her disciple and assistant. (for further information look at

Her life became determined by her inner growth – jumping away from society, freeing herself to more happiness. Prem Wu Si was initiated into her new name by Satprem 2011 becoming her disciple. Willing to spread Satprems message of love and peace of mind by supporting her work with IKIERA.

Based on her background as a many years proven consultant her main function is as the business backbone from IKIERA. She takes care of the Marketing, Sales and Administrative issues.

Additionally, she is giving yoga lessons at IKIERA. Since she her teenager age she was already interested in per healthy way of living. did learn about nutrition’s, proper diet and body health. She is now supporting Satprems spiritual work in counseling in nutrition supplements and cleansing programs.

She practices already since 2004. Besides her yoga Shivananda teacher training in Rishikesh, India, she attended various international yoga intensive trainings in Vignassa Flow, Hartha and Jivamukti yoga in Germany, US and India. (See the Yoga Section on this page for more details)