Meditation Sessions and Initiation

NEW: Workshop Series

URBANSTYLE FESTIVAL  26th -29th of March 18, Bielefeld Germany: 

This International Dancefestival fosters different Urban Dance disciplines and Modern Dance art. As part of the different Workshop Series, Ma Satprem Yeshe Dolma The Owl will offer a 3-day Intensive Meditation Course:

Ma Satprem’s meditation workshops give a taste of what it means to live meditatively – with self-awareness, a restful mind and filled with joy. We leave the mind with our shoes behind and bring childlike innocence into the meditation room. We will be introduces to a breathing technic, which balances our female and male brain. This also helps to be more centered. In this state we move IN and  reconnect to our heart behind the heart watching the beauty of stillness. At one point we sparkle once again, or for the first time, with the energies of creativity. Using  technics of ancient meditations, we rediscover the connection to our soul, while opening our senses to the divine and may feel finally oneness (whole) again.
Please bring a fresh perfume free candle (presenting your inner light) – a blindfold (sleeping mask) made of cotton/natural material – a high cushion or meditation seat – white, loose clothes from natural material – water.

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Does any of these statements relate to you?

Are you feeling that the brain gets overburdened with messages, information, emotions, noises etc.?
That you became a “victim” of technology and are driven from one place to the other during rush hours, deadlines, errands, permanently running?
Do you have sparsely time to eat properly, move your body or enjoy some fresh air in nature?
Then Meditation can help you.


“Meditation is Medication” Osho Rajneeshlightenergy

Meditation has been developed, by Sadhus and Rishis in Asia, for centuries to silence the mind and attain  peace of mind. It brings body, mind and soul into harmony and finally allows one to merge with the universe and become a part of the “here and now”. It helps to release stress, anxiety, depression, emotional and psychological difficulties and addictions, which mostly also lead to physical problems.

To become healthier, happier and eventually work on other needs, one first needs to slow down the own mind and become more silent and healthy on all levels.

 How is life different with Meditation  

It slowly brings you back to the senses and finally stops the chattering of the mind. When awareness sets in, one sees and smells better, the ears and skin get more sensitive, the feeling gets more real and one begins to make healthier choices with what to eat, how to spend time, and how to nourish the senses. By taking care of the body, mind and soul this way you take a better approach to life with more joy, happiness and laughter. Once you have found inner peace and silence you become more loving towards yourself and the surroundings. You start taking care of your environment, nature, elements, plants, animals and human beings.

Satprem’s Meditation work

Satprem has been teaching therapeutic Meditation courses  and classes for over 35 years as it provides the most effective basis for any healing. She  learned 108 Meditation techniques under the guidance of her Masters Osho and Papaji (Advaita Vedanta) in India, while living there for over 40 years.

 Meditation Group, Taos, New Mexico

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“…Having been an avid practitioner of meditation I wasn’t optimistic that she could improve my results. However, Satprem, through her guided meditation, was able to awaken something deep within me. I can only describe it as a resurgence of the primordial spirit that dwells within us all. The true essence of me that is timeless and immortal. After the meditation I was beaming with joy, and laughing like a child. Words cannot truly convey the brilliant and eye-opening experience! Thank you Satprem.” Rick, Teacher, Albany, NY

No matter If you are beginner or already experienced in meditation the recommended way is to take a meditation trial with Satprem and experience peace of mind. The trial includes a 1 h initiation and 1.5 h meditation. Both will be guided by Satprem one-to-one and will have a personal counseling after.

Tibetan Group Meditation takes place  every
Monday, Wednesday, Saturday, Newmoon and Fullmoon at 2 PM EST
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All Meditations take place currently in different places in Europe – contact us to find out more.