Divine Healing and Reiki Session

Divine Holistic Healing
Wouldn’t it be nice, to give yourself the treat of a balanced Body-Mind-Soul?
So that you can float through your day, fully energized, without stress, pain or anxiety?

In the 3 h private divine healing sessions  (incl. 0.5 h private counselling) with Satprem you will experience

  • Release of mental, physical or spiritual blockades.
  • Dissolve of tension, anxiety and stress.
  • Deep relaxation like coming from a beauty parlour
  • Rebalance of your Chakra system and re-established harmony.
  • Shining from inside – out.
  • Possible relieve of many acute and chronic pains.
  • Help to end habits with drugs, alcohol and smoking and others.
  • Being more centered and in the moment through a silence in the “heart behind the heart”.

Who will profit from this session?

  • Hard working individuals, who are stressed out, in-balanced and in need to refill their batteries.
  • Beings with chronic or acute pain.
  • Seeker, who want to dive deeper into themselves, longing to heal holistically body-mind and soul.

The session can be booked either in person or if you trust, in distance. Satprem will connect with you energetically wherever you are. 

 What others sayJasmin, 37, Alternative Medicine Practitioner, Massage Therapist, Osteopathy
Meditation, Crystal Course, Reiki I and II, Distance/Healing Sessions, Mystic Rose

 photo_jasmin_1998_old“Satprems Healing is amazing! Before I met Satprem, I have had horrible Neurodermatitis for over 5 years. After only working with Satprem for 2 months, my skin had almost recovered completely, except for a few small spots. But not just the body has gained from the work with Satprem. My whole life has changed and improved through her teachings and work on/with me!
A Healing Session by Satprem is like a short vacation to a beautiful islands! It calms me, refreshes, eases my mind and takes away bodily aches and tensions. I am amazed every time, how it works and makes me feel!”

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Ahdieh  (Anisa)- 22, student,
Healing Session

After my healing session, I feel more positive and have had more of a child-like innocence to me. It has been easier for me to connect with others and find myself to be more positive in my everyday interactions. Overall, I am very happy that I went because I left with peace.” 


CIMG7674 (579x800)How does Satprem work?

Before every session, Satprem counsels individually the client. She creates a special “healing space”, which is Feng-Shui’d for you to relax and rejuvenate. She works with “Reiki” (Universal life energy)  Crystals, sound,colors and shamanic tools,which support the  cleansing process of healing body-mind and soul.

During the session, she might receive insights of what your personal health issue is, and will counsel after the session.

Her years of experience
Before her initiation in Reiki, Satprem had learnt several other healing techniques with different Eastern and Western Teachers (Healing trainings and experiences). She is a certified therapist in Acupuncture, Acupressure and Prenatal Healing.

In 1996 Satprem became a Reiki Master-Teacher in 7th line of Master Usui. Since then she has been initiating students and also using Reiki for healings in the Whole-istic Healing Sessions she gives.

See more in her Biographie



Besides giving healing sessions, Satprem initiates into Reiki I, II, Teacher and Master. With the 3 day one-to-one initiation you become her student, one of “her spiritual children” and you are then energetically connected. Afterwards, when you have questions about a life situation and/or your spiritual growth, you can ask and  she always responds in person, by phone or email. Satprem still receives letters and emails from students she initiated 18 years ago and over the years they continue learning other skills with her.

Satprem will only initiate into  higher levels of healing,if you have done Reiki I with her. Every teacher works differently so she can not initiate into Reiki II if you have done Reiki I with another teacher. The same is true for the Master and Teacher initiation.
Read more about her Link to www.satpremji.com

This initiation takes 3 days and Satprem only works one on one. She seldom initiates 2 people at once if they have a close connection (partner, friend, family).

The 3 day journey to your inner healer

This initiation is about learning to go IN through meditation, become more aware ,empowering the self-healer and getting connected to the macro cosmos by energetically opening the crown. Learn to meditate and become more aware.

  • Learn to meditate and become more aware.
  • Learn to meditate and become more aware.
  • Learn an ancient breathing technique to rebalance female and male brain, help the mind to silence and center the body.
  • Receive 4 initiations and study 30 positions for self-healing.
  • Benefit from being 3 full-days therapeutically and loving supported by Satprem in all questions that come up – for example emotions, fears, attitudes dreams etc.
  • Practice Reiki in a full session on yourself at the 3rd day after the 4th initiation,under Satprem’s guidance.
  • Balance physically in 3 days morning Prana yoga sessions.
  • You receive a certificate after this is completed successfully.
  • With this you can practice on yourself , get more insights about healing and experienced.

It is agreed to do  21 days cleansing afterwards, by giving daily a full session to yourself. It keeps the opened crown “sharp”. This 21 days  are of  enormous importance for any further growth of the student. In this time the micro cosmos (self) and macro cosmos (the eternal/universe) get reconnected, a healing channel gets created and one moves through many levels of physical, mental and finally spiritual healing. As your teacher, Satprem will give special guidance, advice and be energetically connected to you during this time. You may call or write to her, in case you can’t be around, to share your developments, problems and experiences and receive advice.






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