Meditation is Medication (Osho)

Meditation with Satprem


What if there would be a way for you to experience peace of mind? Are you stressed out and feel being torn between present and future unable to be in the “here and now”? Are you ready to dive within yourself ,become conscious, healthier and happy with your life?

Satprem’s meditation work helps unbalanced, self-destructive and stressed out ” peace of mind lovers” to live with joy, self-awareness and a restful mind, connecting to your heart behind the heart. You will experience what it means to be a lion amongst  sheep and  live free from the constraints of society.

The lion’s Roar: All beings are from the very beginning buddha’s (Buddha, 500 bc)

What is unique in Satprem’s meditation?

Satprem works only in small groups or one-to-one. Every being is different. With over 36 years’ experience as Meditation teacher and therapist Satprem uses her therapeutic and psychic abilities to teach the right meditation technique FOR YOU according to your individual need. You will find peace of mind. She is trained in over 108 meditation techniques and helped many beings to live a healthier and happier life.

Link to international Feedback on Satprem’s work.

How you start your journey within:

You book a trial meditation session with 1 h private initiation, learn sitting, an ancient breathing technique and receive a meditation explanation. After you be part of a 1.5 h Tibetan group meditation .

For the first time, you get a private Initiation one to one (one time, 1 h) and for after that the group meditation. You can book under: or call +49 1573 143 8303

Group Meditation Schedule


As we all are captured in our day-to-day life, it is essential to plant the seed of your inner growth properly and “water it” afterwards. This is why Satprem recommends to book your personal “life insurance” in a full 3 day one-on-one MEDITATION COURSE. You will be initiated in the Mystery School of Meditation and become a student. The learned tools to heal yourself can be used any place and anytime afterwards.

You can expect:

  • An Individually adjusted one-to-one course, fit to your personal need of growth
  • Enjoy 8 h per day with  Satprem, (an international recognized Therapist). She will answer all personal questions, provide counseling of personal matters and mental / emotional support
  • An introduction into an ancient breathing technique for peace of mind in all life situations
  • An initiation into different meditation’s  to find  your personal meditation
  • 5 meditation sessions fully counselled, corrected and with love taken care by Satprem
  • 3x private One-on-One Prana-Yoga sessions (Value $300)
  • To experience inner peace while being 3 days in silence, with yourself during the course
  • To come out pure, cleansed and with shining eyes
  • 21 days of daily meditation to settle the learned meditation tools afterwards, partly counselled by Satprem
  • Discounted attendance of guided Tibetan meditation groups after the course

How to book:

Satprem clears her calendar for your individual designed course. So book early to ensure your free space (especially around weekends).

Call +4915215471378, or write