Meet the heart – Ma Satprem

SatpremDedicated to your personal growth, the heart of IKIERA, Mystic Ma Satprem, helps you to look inside and experience ” Meditation is Medication”.
Her wish from the heart is, helping other beings to heal themselves, feel happy in their life, to live true love and to become free and peaceful.
If you feel thirsty, ready to start the journey of looking IN, leaving the heard of sheep and becoming a lion, Satprem’s work will support you. Her  36 years of experience as meditation teacher in  108 meditation techniques, Reiki Master-Teacher, certified therapist of Acupuncture, Acupressure,Prenatal healing and many other personal development techniques, helped hundreds of lives to live more joyful and without fear.Have a look at  testimonies about her work :

Satprem offers Meditation courses, Divine Healing sessions and Initiations, Hand-, Card-, Tibetan Eye- Readings,counselings and different group retreats such as the  “Mystic Rose” or “Awaken your inner Goddess” workshops.

If you are ready to experience your TRUE SELF,start your travel with booking a meditation trial or a session. Learn more today