Our Mission

Welcome to IKIERA Divine Holistic Healing Arts – to “learn” peace of mind.

IKIERA’s Mission is to heal free-spirit beings, which suffer from stress, a restless mind, anxiety, physical pain, self-destruction or simple emptiness in their heart to balance body-mind-and soul, living a glowing life shining inside out with light and love.
The individual is in focus to address lovingly the unique needs – courses and sessions are offered on a one-to-one or small group basis. You will experience peace of mind and balance – being centered in the “NOW” whatever chaos is happening around you.
IKIERA is founded by Satprem (means “true love”) a  35 years experienced holistic healer and Prem Wu Si (means “love, no fuss”) her student and disciple.  Get to know them click hereSatprem and Prem Wu Si