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Alan B Steiner, DMC, Denville New Jersey
Short Reiki Session
I wanted to experience Reiki. I chose to do a short healing session by Satprem while at the Touch Mother Earth Festival this June 2017

It was a 30 minute session and Satprem was quite generous with her time. The session went at least an hour. The energies I experienced and the ability to focus in a meditation was like I have never experienced previously.  I plan on exploring whatever happened that day in much more depth with Satprem, when my time permits. Look at the energy shining in my face after the session.


20160604_212712Carolina Silva, Educational Worker, Edison, New Jersey
Shamanic Healing Session, Earth Meditation.
After our session I started to have complete silence in my head!

I feel at peace, fulfilled. My TaiQi practice just became this amazing moment of body and mind connected in silence. For the past years I have been hooked on listening constantly to music or audio books. It seems a innocuous enough habit but like any habit it becomes unsettling when one need it to go about one’s life.I find myself now, in complete silence and enjoying whatever I am doing with immense pleasure.
Thanks for helping me reach the quiet space in my soul.
Light, Peace and Love to you.

10264054_10201937608747794_1910461959583418691_oAnnemarie (Anna) Parker, Artist and Communication Consultant, Ballston Spa, New York
Meditation Course, Healing Circle and Sessions
The meditation course was a 3-day intensive that allowed me to quiet the mind and to begin functioning in the freedom of spirit. Learning to become still and silent through a variety of meditations and insightful instruction by Satprem opened the door to a deeper understanding and trust of my own inner knowing. Satprem teaches that there is no division between body mind and spirit and that they must work together in unity. Meditation is just the tool that gives you roots to allow your wings to reach to the highest!!

rickRick, 39, Teacher, Los Angeles, USA

“I had met Satprem at a time when I was apprehensive about the future and had a longing to find my spiritual center – a mind-set or energy that I could tap into in order to maintain a positive and healthy outlook during difficult times. I had been studying spiritualism and practicing meditation on and off for years. I started discussing meditation with Prem Wu Si, Satprems student, at a point where I felt I needed assistance, and she invited me to a guided meditation with Satprem. Having been an avid practitioner of meditation I wasn’t optimistic that she could improve my results. However, Satprem, through her guided meditation, was able to awaken something deep within me. I can only describe it as a resurgence of the primordial spirit that dwells within us all. The true essence of me that is timeless and immortal. After the meditation I was beaming with joy, and laughing like a child. Words cannot truly convey the brilliant and eye-opening experience! Thank you Satprem.”

shelley RyanShelley Ryan, Nurse, Amsterdam, New York
Healing Circle and Session

“I was Blessed to be in Satprem’s healing circle and also to have a private healing session with her. She emanates joy, peace and calm. She is a beautiful inside and out! NAMASTE Satprem!”


CIMG7270 (600x800)
Ma Jaya, Professor, Teacher Graduate School, Retail Owner, Taos, New Mexico
Healing Circle and Session

“It was a powerful, unforgettable experience.
I felt very warm a lot of love and light coming through,
I saw rainbows and felt I am in a different time zone.”





Jasmin_afterhealingsessiom (800x600)Jasmin, 37, Alternative Medicine Practitioner, Massagetherapist, Osteopathy
Meditation, Crystal Course, Reiki I and II, Mystic Rose

“Satprems Healing is amazing! Before I met Satprem, I have had horrible Neurodermatitis for over 5 years. After only working with Satprem for 2 months, my skin had almost recovered completely, except for a few small spots. But not just the body has gained from the work with Satprem. My whole life has changed and improved through her teachings and work on/with me!
A Healing Session by Satprem is like a short vacation to a beautiful islands! It calms me, refreshes, eases my mind and takes away bodily aches and tensions. I am amazed every time, how it works and makes me feel!”


Meditation with Indigo Kids

“I liked that lady in white, Satprem, her energy is crystal clear. It feels like a spring mountain waterfall running through you veins when you near her”. Sabrina, Mother of Indigo Kid

” no way we were meditating for 25 minutes- it only felt like 2″ (comment of an Indigo Kid)